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Freedom Law – Ethics Quote

“All solicitors as officers of court have an absolute overriding duty first and foremost to the court to serve public interest by ensuring that…

Freedom Law – National Family Violence Bench Book

The Australian Government has produced the National Family Violence Bench Book as a best practice guideline for all courts dealing with domestic violence issues….

Hague Convention – Korea is now a signatory

Korea has recently become a party to the Hague Convention. The Hague Convention enables children who have been wrongfully removed from one signatory country…

Freedom Law – RBA and Interest Rates

There seems to be a lot of speculation about whether interest rates will go up, down, or stay at their current historical low rates….

Freedom Law and Legal Aid

Legal Aid Queensland’s Commonwealth funding for 2015-16 will be reduced by $1.5M. This reduction follows a $3M cut to Legal Aid Queensland’s Commonwealth funding…

Family law “best interests” results

Today has been another day where the family law court has demonstrated that it doesn’t favour mothers, it doesn’t favour fathers, its looking out…

Family Law Court Fees

The Federal Government has dumped plans to increase family law court fees that were due to start as of 1 July 2015. This is…

Passports and Watch List

Nixon & Nixon [2015] FamCA 887 (1 October 2015) Last Updated: 28 October 2015 FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA NIXON & NIXON [2015] FamCA 887…

Offers of the Month

Did you know that FreedomLaw are now providing new offers each month? Go and check out our “Offers of the Month” page….

Extended Opening Hours to benefit working families

Now offer consultations on Thursday Nights til 9pm and Saturdays til 4pm by appointment only…

Sunshine Coast’s family law experts

We are experts in the family law, we offer many law services dedicated to families. Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast ….


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