Counselling in Family Law

Best practice amongst family lawyers is to recommend that clients seek counselling.

This is because relationship breakdown hurts, whether you are the one who calls “time” on the relationship, or not. Clients going through relationship breakdown need more than just family law legal support.

Getting counselling in family law is a lot easier than it once was. You can visit your GP and get a Mental Health Plan and referral to a psychologist so that Medicare covers much of the psychologist fee and you need only pay the “gap” between the Medicare scheduled fee and the psychologist’s actual fee.

It has become more “socially acceptable” to seek counselling. The stigma that you must be “crazy” if you are seeking psychological help is virtually non-existent.

Counselling is helpful in getting you through the family law experience. It helps you manage how you feel when having to read or hear hurtful things that the other party may write or say.

If you need a recommendation for a psychologist, please call us at Freedom Law.



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