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Child Support outside of the Child Support Agency: Binding Child Support Agreements

In the realm of family law, the well-being of children is always at the forefront of legal considerations. One crucial aspect of ensuring the…

Cost Orders in Family Law

In the realm of family law, the allocation of costs is a crucial aspect that can significantly impact the parties involved in legal proceedings….

Understanding Contravention Applications: When someone breaches a Parenting Order

A contravention application under the Family Law Act is a legal mechanism that allows a party to seek enforcement or redress when the other…

Final Hearing – 11 Tips For Surviving Cross Examination

If your matter is set for a Final Hearing (otherwise known as a trial), you will likely be cross examined by the other party’s…

Legal Consultant vs Legal Representative

Generally, when you engage a lawyer to be your legal representative they appear for you at all court events, receive all correspondence and documents,…

Same Sex Marriage Breakups

If you need a divorce from your same-sex marriage, Freedom Law can help you get the resolution you need! A same-sex marriage encounters all…

Family Law Watchlist – Preventing children from travelling overseas

If you are thinking, ‘how do I prevent my children travelling overseas?” then you should look at adding their name to the Family Law…

Understanding Property Settlement

After a separation or divorce, couples can apply to the court for a property settlement if they cannot agree amongst themselves about how their…

When does a parent need supervised time?

There are some circumstances where a child’s time with their parent (or extended family such as grandparents) will need to be supervised. The paramount…

Are you in a domestically violent relationship?

There are some useful tools online for escaping domestic violence. Check out this article from 1800RESPECT for an ‘escape bag’ checklist tool. If you…

Can a Parent Withhold a Child?

Often in family law proceedings, a parent will elect to withhold contact between the children and the other parent. There are many reasons for…

As a grandparent, can I spend time with my grandchildren?

The Family Law Act recognises that children have a right to maintain regular communication with those who are considered important to their welfare, care,…


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