Legal Consultant vs Legal Representative

Generally, when you engage a lawyer to be your legal representative they appear for you at all court events, receive all correspondence and documents, and do all the work necessary in your matter.

If you want to represent yourself but need some legal assistance, engaging us on a legal consultancy basis is the perfect option for you.

What is the difference between a Legal Consultant vs Legal Representative?

Our Legal Consultancy service means that you appear to represent yourself, but you rely on us to do any of the work you don’t feel comfortable or confident doing yourself. That means you manage all of the incoming and outgoing communications for your case, and you ask us to do any work you can’t do yourself or wish for us to assist you with.

That may be:

  1. Giving you advice about certain incoming communications.
  2. Giving you advice about certain outgoing communications.
  3. Providing you with strategic advice.
  4. Providing you with legal advice.
  5. Attending mediation events for you.
  6. Drafting your Consent Parenting or Property Settlement Orders.
  7. Drafting your court or arbitration documents for you.
  8. Attending court or arbitration events for you.

We can give you a fixed fee quote for this work before you decide that you want to go ahead.

Engaging us as your legal consultant allows you to control your costs more effectively.

And of course, you can switch to our Legal Representation service anytime you want (and back again to our Legal Consultancy service too).

We offer a free phone or video consultation for all new clients.

If you would like more information or you would just like to join up to our Legal Consultancy service, contact us today on 1300 365 108 or


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