We get lots of enquiries from grandparents who are not getting to see their grandchildren.

This happens often when a parent (usually the grandparents child) is not spending time with their own children (the grandparents grandchildren). This may be because a parent is deceased, not interested in spending time with their own children, or a court has ordered that a parent not spend time with their children. The common factor is that the other parent opposes the grandparents spending time with the children.

Grandparents do not have any special rights. It is the grandchildren’s right to have a relationship and spend time with their grandparents if this is consistent with their best interests and they are protected from harm.

Unless grandparents take action and seek orders that the other parent make the grandchildren available to spend regular time and communication with them, the grandchildren will likely miss out on important relationships and part of their sense of personal history of that side of their family.

If you have any questions as a grandparent seeking time and communication with grandchildren, please contact us at Freedom law.


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