Father’s Day

Father’s Day gains even more importance when you separate

Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day, has become an even more important event after parents have separated.

It is a day that brings together Dads, their children and paternal families in celebration of their roles and their importance in children’s lives.

It is also a day that children get into the spirit of making sure their Dad knows just how much they are loved, valued and treasured.

Child psychologists tell family law courts and family lawyers how much better it is for children to have their Dad in their lives in a positive way, so that they have outcomes in their social, emotional, and intellectual development.

It is often a challenge for Dads who have to adjust from being a joint parent to a co-parent after separation. If Dads were in the traditional “breadwinner” role before separation, juggling this role and a co-parent role after separation can initially be intimidating.

If you are a Dad and not seeing your children for Father’s Day tomorrow, consider whether you should seek legal advice as to whether this is in your children’s best interests.

At Freedom Law, we love celebrating Mums on Mother’s Day and Dads on Father’s Day.

We wish all Dads are happy Father’s Day and hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, wherever you may be.




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