Experts in Family Law

While Freedom Law are experts in family law, we rely on other professionals to provide support and advice to our clients in other fields such as psychology, accountancy, financial planning, and valuation.

The experts we refer to are also highly regarded in their fields of expertise and are understanding of the stressful times our clients are experiencing in times of conflict arising from separation.

Sometimes the opinion of these other experts are critical to a family law case and often these experts are called upon to give evidence of their opinion on an issue in their field should a matter go to a trial.

The opinion of a psychologist or social worker appointed by the court or jointly by the parties is often critical to a parenting case where both parents are in disagreement as to what is in their childrens’ best interests.

For clients in a property settlement case, it is often critical that they consider financial planning advice as they need to make decisions about the nature or kind of assets or liability they seek to retain as part of their share of the property settlement.

You can be confident that Freedom law has the right connections to ensure that all of you family law needs are cared for.




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