What is an Independent Children’s Lawyer?

An Independent Children’s Lawyer is a lawyer appointed by the family law courts. This usually occurs in cases where the court feels there is a need for children to be separately represented to their parents. This maybe because of high conflict between the parents, strong allegations of abuse or unmanaged mental health issues, alienation of children from one of their parents, or if there are strong cultural or ethnical differences between the parents.

The role of an Independent Children’s Lawyer is not to do whatever the children want. It is to investigate and consider, as an independent third party rather than as a parent, what is best for the children.

The cost of the Independent Children’s Lawyer is born by the parents if they meet a certain means test. If a parent is legally aided, it is unlikely they will have to contribute to the cost of a Independent Children’s Lawyer.

Some Independent Children’s Lawyers meet with the children and speak with them. Some do not. It depends upon the individual Independent Children’s Lawyer, and often the age of the children.

Where an Independent Children’s Lawyer is appointed, they will usually arrange things like a Family Report, drug testing and any other necessary actions.

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