Starter Marriage/Rebound Marriage/Blended Marriage

Social media has not only significantly contributed to the glamour of getting married, but also the competitiveness of having the bigger, better or more unique wedding.

While social media is doing this on the one hand with more couples falling in love with the idea of a wedding (perhaps rather than the idea of being married), on the other hand it is enabling easier access to greater temptations to break the promises spouses make to each other as a part of getting into a marriage together.

You often hear the term “starter marriage” now, a reference to a marriage that is over before or around the 5 year mark.

And again, as a result of social media, people are re-partnering at lightening speed, as if the thought of being alone and taking a breath after the breakdown of a significant relationship like a marriage is more than they can bear.

This brings about the “rebound marriage” or relationship, which is often shorter-lived than the “starter marriage”.

The next step in “relationship life” is often the “blended marriage” which is usually the most challenging when bringing together two sets of children from previous relationships or marriages of both parties. Blended families create all sorts of legal issues regarding child support, property settlement, parenting arrangements, and what happens in the event of the death of one of the parties to the relationship or marriage.

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