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Travel time – how much is too much?

Travel time – how much is too much?

Travel time – Often parents focus on the distance between their respective homes when considering equal time arrangements. That really isn’t the issue.

When considering equal time arrangements (particularly with school age children), parents need to take into account the travel time for the children which they will be doing every day of weekdays – that is, to and from school.

An equal time arrangement where children are required to travel more than say 30 minutes to or from school is unlikely to be met with enthusiasm by the court (or by the children!).

Ideally, for an equal time arrangement to work, both parents would live within a 30 minute drive to the children’s school. This will ensure that the children are not at a disadvantage at having to travel more than 30 minutes to school when in one particular parent’s care. School is tough and travelling long distances to and from school is even tougher.

A practical tip to avoid conflict, inconvenience and disappointment is to ensure that each parent has their own school supplies. This includes uniforms, hats, shoes, sports equipment and the like. There is nothing more frustrating than relying on the children or the other parent to ensure that the children’s school supplies are brought with them when they recommence time with the other parent, only to find that something has been forgotten. This just results in more travel  – having to go and collect the missing items from the home of the other parent! It’s a time, money and sanity saving exercise that pays dividends by investing in your own set of school supplies for the children.

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