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Caitlin Stannett


Caitlin was admitted as a solicitor in 2020 after graduating from QUT. Caitlin is a dedicated to navigating legal complexities with compassion and expertise, striving to empower clients through advocacy and resolution.

Caitlin has a deep-rooted commitment to her clients’ well-being. Graduating from QUT in 2020, she swiftly honed her legal prowess, specializing in family law to offer empathetic guidance through the complexities of family law matters.

As the daughter of the firm’s principal lawyer, Caitlin brings a unique blend of tradition and innovation to her practice. She embodies a rich legacy of legal excellence while infusing her work with fresh perspectives and a contemporary approach. Combining her legal expertise with her genuine passion, Caitlin strives to provide not only legal representation but also a source of support and empowerment.

Beyond the courtroom, Caitlin can be found playing boardgames with friends and listening to true crime podcasts, while her loyal furbaby, “Tiny,” adds an extra layer of joy to her life.

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