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DFRDB, MSBS and ADF Superannuation

Key points:

  1. DFRDB super closed to new members as of 1 October 1991;
  2. MSBS super closed to new members as of 1 July 2016;
  3. The new super for ADF members is ADF Super.

Unlike the previous super schemes (DFRDB and MSBS), the new ADF Super scheme is an accumulation benefit.

The previous super schemes were defined benefit.

There is a big difference between an accumulation benefit and a defined benefit, most notably, a defined benefit has to be valued by an actuary and the result of that valuation is that the actual benefit is usually higher than what is stated in the annual benefit statement.

If you or your partner have a defined benefit, it will need to be valued for family law purposes in the event of relationship breakdown.

Like all superannuation schemes, military schemes can be flagged or split between members of the scheme and non-member partners.

Superannuation is a complex topic and many considerations come into play, including preserved and non-preserved amounts and taxation issues.

It is important to obtain legal advice about your rights when it comes to superannuation and relationship breakdown.

If you need representation or advice about superannuation issues in family law, contact us at Freedom Law, The Family Law Specialist today for clarity about your situation.

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