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Re Matthew: Stage 3 Gender Dysphoria treatment does not require Court approval

Re Matthew: Stage 3 Gender Dysphoria treatment does not require Court approval

Where a child has been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria; where a child has been medically assessed as “Gillick’ competant; where the child and their parents consent to Stage 3 treatment: Court’s approval to such treatment is not required


  1. That in the circumstances of this case, where the subject child has been diagnosed as suffering from Gender Dysphoria, where treating practitioners have agreed that the subject child is Gillick competent, where it is agreed that the proposed treatment is therapeutic and where there is no controversy, no application to the Family Court is necessary before Stage 3 treatment for Gender Dysphoria can proceed.


  1. That the application filed 30 November 2017 is otherwise dismissed.
  2. That the full name of Matthew, his family members, his hospital, his medical practitioners, his school, this Court’s file number, the State of Australia in which the proceedings were initiated, the name of Matthew’s parents’ lawyers, and any other fact or matter that may identify Matthew, shall not be published in any way, and only anonymised Reasons for Judgment and Orders (with cover-sheets excluding the registry, file number, and lawyers’ names and details, as well as the parties’ real names) shall be released by the Court to non-parties without further contrary order of a Judge, it being noted that each party shall be handed one full copy of these Orders with the relevant details included, to enable their execution, and one cover-sheet of Reasons for Judgment that includes the file number and lawyers’ names.
  3. That no person shall be permitted to search the Court file in this matter without first obtaining the leave of a Judge.

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