Picking the Best Lawyer For You

Separation is one of the most stressful and emotional times in a person’s life.

You need to be able to trust and depend on your friends, family and professional supports.

Picking the best lawyer for you means that they tick these boxes:

1.You feel confident your lawyer knows what they are talking about;
2.Your lawyer has the right qualifications and experience;
3.You feel comfortable, connected and supported by your lawyer when you are seeing or in communication with them;
4.Your lawyer has been clear and frank about how and when their fees are charged and payable;
5.Your lawyer works in a way to minimise your legal fees;
5.Your lawyer isn’t intimidated by the thought of having to go to court;
6.Your lawyer is encouraging of negotiation;
7.Your lawyer isn’t intimidated by the other party’s lawyer;
9.Your lawyer responds to your communications within reasonable time frames;
10.Your lawyer keeps you informed very step of the way;
11.Your lawyer gives you projections and revised projections about the likely outcomes of your case as it progresses;
12.You feel that your lawyer understands you;
13.Your lawyer makes you feel like a person, not a case.

The primary reason Freedom Law offers free initial consultations to new clients is so that new clients can get a “feel” as to whether we tick all these boxes, whether we are the best lawyer for you, without any further obligation.

Family Law is about life – your children, your finances. You need someone by your side who cares about your life. That’s what Freedom Law is all about.


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