Parents don’t live together anymore

Parents don’t live together anymore

Parents don’t live together anymore: Sometimes parents decide that it is best to live in separate houses. It is not because of you (or your brothers and sisters), but because sometimes it works better for families when parents have different places. Your parents love you very much and want you to be happy. Sometimes, your parents have never lived together or there has been some problem causing kids not to see their parents.

The Court: Often your parents will agree on what should happen for you (and your brothers and sisters) when they decide to live apart. Sometimes, if they don’t agree, they will go to a building called ‘court’ to ask a judge to help them decide what should happen for you. This is not a place where parents get into trouble. It is a place where parents get some help to decide what to do.

The family consultant: Sometimes you will be asked to talk to a person called a family consultant. The family consultant is a man or woman who works at the Court and helps families when parents live in different houses. They will talk to you, talk to your parents, and might do some activities or games. You may play in a room with other kids for some of the day. You may play with your parents in a different room. Their job is to help the judge and your parents work out what is best for you.

What happens at court: If you go to the Court building, there will usually be a room with other kids for you to play before you speak to the family consultant. Otherwise, someone will take care of you while your parents talk to the man or lady. You will not see the judge but they will hear what you want to say in the report written by the family consultant.




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