Parenting Plans have their place

Parenting plans

Most people think that parenting plans are never appropriate.

We disagree.

Parenting plans have their place, particularly if a separation is new and parents are trying out certain arrangements for their children to see if they work before committing to court orders..

Another good reason to have a parenting plan is if the children are mid to late teenagers.

Parenting plans are very much based upon trust and good will between the parties.

This is because if they are broken, there are no penalties.

If parents don’t trust each other, then usually a consent order is more appropriate than a parenting plan.

Like a parenting plan, consent orders can have flexibility, allowing the parents to change arrangements by agreement.

But if there is no agreement and the consent orders are broken, penalties can apply unless the person who broke the orders has “reasonable excuse”.

Parenting plans can be made:

1.By your lawyer;

2.By mediation through Uniting Care of Relationships Australia

3.By parents together

Consent Orders can be made:

1.By your lawyer by both parent’s consent

2.By a court without either parent’s consent

Whether a parenting plan or a consent order is right for you and your children is something you should seek legal advice about.

Freedom Law can help you with parenting plans and consent orders. We can suggest ideas for terms of plans or consent orders that you might not have considered.

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