The”Our Children” website

Having trouble communicating with the other parent?

Tired of receiving abusive or denigrating telephone calls, emails, Facebook messages or texts from the other parent?

There is now an alternative means thanks to the “our children” website:

It works by parents paying a modest yearly fee to have a “communication wall” on the website. They then do not communicate with one another except by posting words, documents (like school reports) and photos to the wall.

Whatever is posted on the wall cannot be deleted, and can be produced to a court if necessary.

Why positive communication between parents is important

Positive communication between parents is important for children:

  1. So that children receive consistent parenting styles and routines in both households;
  2. So that both parents are kept informed about important events and incidents in the children’s lives;
  3. So that the children are not exposed to adult conflict such as arguments and denigration between parents;
  4. So the children can feel comfortable and secure being in the care of either parent, without feeling like they have to “take sides”, or make one parent happy by supporting their negative view of the other parent.

Need help establishing positive communication?

If you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with the other parent in changing old patterns of negative communication, often seeking legal advice can help.

Sometimes legal intervention is necessary to stop the old negative communications and to start and retain positive communications.

Your lawyer can communicate with the other parent and suggest different methods and content of communications.

If the other parent is still communicating negatively with you, then it is possible to seek the intervention of a family law court to adjudicate as to how parental communications are to take place.

Separating adult feelings from parental role

It isn’t easy to keep your feelings and attitudes about the other parent as a person separate from their role as a co-parent to your children. It takes time, and sometimes it takes help from a parenting course or sessions with a psychologist.

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