Kickstart a court case – how to fund

Kickstart a court case – how to fund

A right to legal representation exists in most courts and tribunals around the country and many litigants in these courts and tribunals chose to access this right rather than find themselves in the situation of representing themselves (nearly everyone has heard the saying “whoever acts for themselves has a fool for a client”!).

The question then becomes “how do I fund legal representation”?

At Freedom Law, we have a range of funding solutions including:

  1. Competitive comparable rates;
  2. Project/package/fixed fees;
  3. Pay on completion;
  4. Pay as you go;
  5. Payment plans;
  6. Litigation loans;
  7. Legal Aid.

Family lawyers cannot offer “no win, no fee” (Legal Profession Act 2007).

There is no cost or obligation in obtaining a customised funding plan for your case with Freedom Law.

Our friendly and helpful staff will arrange a consultation for you at a time and in a format that suits you to discuss your needs.

We stand by our commitment to access to legal representation for all and we will match any comparable written quote from any other reputable firm.

At Freedom Law, it isn’t just our rates that are our difference. It is also our value and momentum.

If you have lost faith and confidence in legal representation and are in need of a kickstart or a change, contact Freedom Law today. We will show you how much better things can be.



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