Freedom Mediation

Freedom Mediation

We are pleased to announce our mediation service under the banner of of Freedom Mediation

From the simple to the complex, we help parties find a solution that enables them to move forward with life, whether business or personal.

Most conflict arises as a result of people having different perceptions of a common set of circumstances. The key to overcoming conflict is not only in identifying what those different perceptions are, but also, how a solution can be created to bridge the gap between those different perceptions.

People in conflict who genuinely want to bridge that gap do, with the process of mediation.

No mediation is ever a “waste of time”. Even if you don’t “bridge the gap” and you need a court or tribunal to create a solution, there are facts, circumstances, and of course, perceptions, that can be learned which may be advantageous in better presenting a case for resolution to a court or tribunal.

Very often, we are called upon to assist when there is not yet a dispute or conflict, but rather, a strong likelihood of one. This kind of pre-emptive mediation is becoming more popular amongst participants who are concerned about what the costs (legal fees and otherwise) of a fully blown dispute before a court or tribunal would be.

At Freedom Mediation, we keep up to date with current conflict resolution practices, as well as current events that may influence perceptions.

Participants don’t need to be in the same room, or even the same building, town, state or country, for a mediation to be convened and to succeed. Often, not being in the same room has the advantage of taking the emotion out of the conflict resolution equation, which might otherwise inhibit an outcome.

If you feel like you are “stuck in a rut” in a dispute and things are going nowhere fast, try Freedom Mediation.

Why are we different to other mediation services? Because we care that our participants gain value from the process.

Contact us today on 1300 365 108 and find out about our value based fees and fabulous facilities for your mediation. Or, we can come to you at your preferred venue. There are many packages to choose from.


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