Freedom Law Brisbane Office

Freedom Law Brisbane Office

Freedom Law are pleased to announce the opening of their Brisbane office:

“Santos Place”
Level 27, 32 Turbot St
Brisbane QLD 4000
T: 1300 365 108

Our new office is only a few minutes walk from the State and Federal Law Courts in Brisbane, including the Family Court.

Family Law is a complex and sensitive area of law. Experienced representation through the process of family law resolution is recommended to ensure that:

  1. Your view of what arrangements are best for your children, and any concerns you have, is heard, understood and taken into consideration;
  2. Your view of what is a just and equitable property is heard, understood, and taken into consideration;
  3. You are not overwhelmed emotionally by the process;
  4. You are not overwhelmed by lack of experience by the process.

It is important that your legal representatives in family law are up to date on case law “trends” so that you are better prepared for the most likely outcomes according to what is currently being settled or ordered in parenting and property cases.

If you are in need of family law advice or representation, please contact us today on 1300 365 108 for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your situation.



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