Family Law Practitioners Association

Family Law Practitioners Association (FLPA)

The Family Law Practitioners Association (FLPA) committee has put together the second part of the submission for the Attorney-General on ways of improving responses to families with complex needs who use the family law system. On behalf of members, the Family Law Practitioners Association is responding to the following:

  1. How can the exchange of information between the family courts and family relationship services (such as family disputer resolution services, counselling services and parenting order programs) be facilitated in a way that maintains the integrity of therapeutic service provision?
  2. What opportunities exist for ensuring the early assessment of risk to children in family law matters?
  3. How can services such as mental health, family violence, and drug and alcohol services make relevant information available to the courts to support decision-making in cases where families have complex needs?
  4. What services are needed to support families and children who use the family law system where child safety concerns are identified?
  5. How can there be enhanced interaction between the family courts and relevant services, including family violence, mental health services, drug and alcohol services and support services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families?
  6. What opportunities exist for developing integrated responses to families with complex needs who use the family law system?
  7. Is there a need for a specialist case co-ordination approach to families with complex needs, and what opportunities exist for developing such as approach?

The FLPA will report on the outcome when it becomes available.


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