Family Court – will I get what I want?

Family Court – Frequently Asked Questions – 5-8 year olds

Will I get what I want?

Sometimes the judge will decide on something you want, like living equally with both parents. Sometimes they won’t. The children’s lawyer and the family consultant will tell the judge what you want, but sometimes the judge will do things that they think will be good for you. Judges are very smart and will think about what will be best for many years ahead.

How do judges decide what is best for children?

Judges are really smart. They meet lots of families in their job. They know all about how to set things up so that kids are safe and happy. They usually want you to have fun with your parents, but sometimes it is best for you to spend more time with one of them. There may also be some reason you should not spend lots of time with one of your parents. The judge will think lots about you and your family, and will make sure that the best thing happens for you.

Why do I have to see the family consultant?

The family consultant is a special person who helps families that don’t live together anymore. They talk to parents, and also talk to kids. Their job is to help the judge understand about your family, so that the judge can make the best decision for you.

Watch this video for more information.

Do I have to say anything?

The person you talk to is trying to help you. It may be good for the judge and your parents to hear what you think. But if you don’t want to say anything, you don’t have to.

Who else gets to know what I say?

The person you talk to about your family (called the family consultant) needs to help your parents understand what you want to happen. The man or lady will talk to the judge and your parents, and will write some things down for them so that they understand how you feel.


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