Estimator for child support

Estimator for child support

This estimator provides parents with an estimate of the child support they are to receive or pay, depending on the number of nights they have with the children, and the parents’ respective incomes.

The calculator is helpful, particularly if parents are trying to negotiate amounts to be paid, or to budget what may be paid.

Private Agreements

Parents can agree not to rely on the estimate.

Even if parents have a private agreement regarding the payment of child support, they can have the Child Support Agency collect it.

Private agreements allow much more flexibility in what and how expenses are paid.


Arrears of child support survive are not discharged by children turning 18 or a payer becoming bankrupt.

Accruing arrears can be crippling for the payer as serious and large penalties and interest apply.

Arrears also mean that children are missing out on a better standard of living with the payee.

Standard of Living

Child support helps children experience a similar standard of living between the households they live in.

It includes a contribution by the payer to food, clothing, utilities, rent/mortgage, school fees, extra curricular activities and other usual living expenses for the children.


Disputes often arise as to the accuracy and fairness of the estimates. These disputes are usually resolved within the Child Support Agency.

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