Cross-examination of Father by Counsel for the Mother

Cross-examination of Father by Counsel for the Mother

  1. The father indicated that the mother had been drinking whilst she was pregnant. He was asked if he was aware that X suffered from ODD and ADHD and separation anxiety and responded that he had not seen any evidence. He would like to look into it. He was not aware that he could dispute these diagnoses.
  2. When asked if he was aware of extra-curricular assistance given to X he said he had never seen any. He said the GPs were not interested in how X was going at school. He was told about incidents involving X’s school but not told the details. He had conceded there was a very strong relationship between X and the first respondent. He had nonetheless asserted that there were a lot of weekends when X was palmed off to friends. He was in crèche when he was very young for up to 12 hours a day. (Some of these assertions were not in his affidavits.)
  3. When asked if it was important there was consistency in X’s life he responded with questions. He asked if there had been any improvements at school. He said he did not know whether X had improved or not. He said he would not be surprised if X had improved since the grandfather died. He did not know if X has foetal alcohol syndrome but wanted to know.
  4. The father said that the grandfather had put a contract on his life for four years. He contacted the police but no charges were made. The grandfather was too political and well-connected. He had conceded that the grandparents were always accommodating if he went to Queensland. He said the grandfather gave Ms A Finn illicit drugs.
  5. The father said he used cannabis daily and conceded he had a considerable police history. When it was put to him that he had fled to Queensland after a complaint of abuse he said he remembered this. It was about B. He did not remember what the allegation was. He agreed he had an extensive criminal history going back to the 1900s but it was not almost every year.
  6. The father conceded that there was a family violence report in 1996 from Ms R. He said no charges arose.
  7. The father admitted that there was a history of drug and alcohol abuse when he was living with Ms A Finn. He still drinks but not daily, perhaps two to three times per week. He drinks mid-strength beer and might have between two and a dozen. He has never committed family violence in front of any of his children. He has not seen E for six years because that is the way E’s mother wants it. There were two round table agreements made which E’s mother broke. The matter did not come to court.
  8. He has not seen X since April 2016. When it was put to him that he had only seen X 10 times he said it cost him $2500 each time. He did not see X for a period of four years because he was terribly depressed. When he was working he would go up for 10 days at a time, four times per year, to Queensland. He wants to be closer to X.
  9. When cross-examined about his failure to attend because it was raining he said that with his issues three hours on the train would have been too much. He said when he sees X they click. He does not know why X does not want to see him but said X was told things. X is always comfortable with him.
  10. The father said he had made a lot of bad decisions. He is now better and working on his problems. Ms A Finn is trying to clear her act up. The father said he had mental health issues and Ms A Finn was trying to resolve her problems. He got rid of Ms A Finn five weeks ago because she was back on drugs and not working. The father said words to the effect, “Marijuana is acceptable to me and for me.” He wants a chance to be in X’s life.
  11. B has a criminal record which occurred after he left the father. The first respondent has sought to alienate X from him. “She is doing this for financial gain.” He said, “Why has she been doing this then”, when questioned further.
  12. He blames Ms N for telling the first respondent things. Ms N made up allegations of family violence. Police have the records.
  13. The father has not done all the drug screens requested. Some showed cannabis and one showed amphetamine but this was because of medicine. When he went to the doctor in March 2017 he wanted Valium and Seroquel. He denied being loud and abusive to the treating doctor and said the doctor was rude to him.
  14. He used to deal drugs with Mr G (the maternal grandfather). He said that Mr G made him sell Mr G’s drugs to finance (omitted) political campaign.
  15. The father has undertaken a course with the (omitted) in (omitted) and is starting a drug and alcohol course next week. He had done such courses several times before and did not find them helpful. He is better on cannabis. He has stuck to five milligrams of Valium per day for the last year and also takes Seroquel. He has more control of himself now than ever. He is putting money away. He has been renting a house for a couple of years now and is no risk to his son. He always takes his medication and is only going by his lawyer’s recommendations. He said X’s attitude was all because of what he has been told.


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