Court case pending – do I need legal representation?

Court case pending – do I need legal representation?

If you have a trial date coming up and you have been representing yourself, it may be time to consider engaging legal representation for this big day (or days in some cases).

Trial preparation and trial advocacy can make or break a case.

Representing yourself in a trial is extremely stressful and difficult not only because you have no legal training, but also because you are not looking at things independently. This means you could be missing crucial points and highlights. Further, you are competing against one or two legal representatives on the other side.

In most cases, the investment in legal representation pays off in many ways. In particular, it enables you to focus on your truly critical role which as one of the star witnesses to the case. Your evidence will be of crucial importance, no matter what the nature of your case may be.

It is never too late to engage a legal representative because they will always do the best they can within the time frame available.

At Freedom Law, we specialise in last-minute legal representation, whether that be for a self-represented litigant decides to invest in legal representation for trial, or for a represented litigant who adopts a strategy of a change of legal representation for a fresh perspective for the trial.

Contact us today for a no-obligation free assessment of your court case.

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