Child support for over 18s

Child support for over 18s

If your child is about to turn 18 and is in full time secondary education, you can ask the Department of Human Services to continue the child support assessment to the end of the school year. You need to apply after their 17th birthday and before their 18th birthday.

If you receive Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A and choose not to apply for your child support to be extended past your child’s 18th birthday you will only receive the base rate of FTB Part A. The Department will remind you to apply for the extension before your child’s 18th birthday. There are very limited circumstances where the Department can accept an application after your child’s 18th birthday.

With many children starting their school lives later than previous generations, it is becoming increasingly common for children to turn 18 rather than 17 during their final year of school (Grade 12). As a result, more and more parents are applying for an extension of the payment of child support until their children complete Grade 12.

A form is available from the Department to apply for an extension of child support.

If you are having trouble applying for child support through the Department, you should seek legal advice about alternatives.

These alternatives may include a court application or an agreement with the other parent for the ongoing payment of child support until school is completed.


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