Are you caring for your grandchildren?

Government payments

If you have a grandchild in your care, there are a number of payments you may be able to get. You can contact the Family Assistance Office at the Commonwealth Department of Human Services on 136 150 for assistance.

Medicare benefits

You can claim Medicare benefits for medical expenses for your grandchild whilst they are in your care. You can contact Medicare at the Commonwealth Department of Human Services on 132 011.

Child support

It may be possible to get child support payments from your grandchild’s parents. Child support can be a complex part of family law. It is important to get legal advice about this before you apply.

Parenting Orders

You may need to seek family law orders that provide for your grandchildren to live with you and spend certain time with their parents.

If you cannot agree with your grandchildren’s parents about their living arrangements, you will first need to attend a mediation to attempt to resolve these issues.

If the mediation is not successful, you will then be able to apply to a family law court to determine what arrangements are best for your grandchildren.

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