Body Corporate and Community Management

Body Corporate and Community Management

The Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management (BCCM) has announced that revised practice directions are now available.

The office publishes practice directions to assist parties who have either lodged dispute resolution applications or who may be considering doing so.

The practice directions aim to cover most, if not all, of the most common queries about the dispute resolution processes under Chapter 6 of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997.

The existing practice directions have recently been reviewed and the revised suite is now available here.

The content of previous practice directions has not significantly altered, but the revision ensures they remain current, accurate and most of all, practical for parties’ use.

One particular enhancement in the new suite of practice directions is in relation to by-law enforcement. The office’s experience is that this comprises a significant number of both enquires and dispute resolution applications. A flowchart has been prepared as a guide to by-law enforcement.

The practice directions also address questions around matters involving interim order and emergency expenditure applications.

Practitioners can access individual practice directions or an entire set, as well as practice directions in defined categories via the link above.

General questions about the practice directions may be directed to the BCCM information service on 1800 060 119.


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